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Mosquito -Control--in-Nocatee-Florida-mosquito-control-nocatee-florida.jpg-imageFlorida has a reputation for mosquito breeding, unfortunately! Mosquitoes breed in standing water, including rainwater, in all sorts of places, including around the sides of Nocatee Florida houses, in puddles, in rain gutters, and in tree holes, to name a few. Mosquitoes have small mouthparts called proboscises, which they use to pierce the skin of animals and people to get a drink of blood and to bite for feeding purposes, which can lead to anemia, and to various other illnesses and diseases, such as malaria, West Nile Virus, and dengue fever, and more. Mosquitoes also spread diseases by spreading parasites and bacteria, which can cause infections in humans and other animals. If you feel as though you have a mosquito infestation in your Nocatee Florida home and are in need of mosquito control, call the professionals at Orange Park Pest Control today!

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