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Ticks and tick borne diseases are common in Florida, and a very large percentage of our Doctors Inlet Florida residents are bitten by ticks at some point in their lives, often unknowingly. If you or a loved one has been bitten by a tick, or have any concerns about ticks or tick borne diseases, Orange Park Pest Control can help!
Ticks are very hard to see and even harder to get rid of once they’ve attached to your skin, so when you or your loved ones are out walking, hiking, gardening, or even just relaxing in nature, make sure you are doing so in an area where ticks are not found, and that you are checking your body and clothing frequently for ticks, especially if you are spending time in wooded areas, or areas where animals are present.
The best way to protect yourself from tick bites and tick borne diseases is to take the following steps:
When you are outside, make sure to wear light colored clothing that will help you to see ticks, or to remove ticks as soon as possible if you find one on your skin
Make sure to use tick repellent with DEET (the most effective repellent) on all exposed skin
Always check yourself and your clothing for ticks after you have been outside
If you are bitten by a tick, or if you have any concerns about tick bites, contact Orange Park Pest Control immediately
If you are concerned about a tick infestation near or around your Doctors Inlet Florida home or business, call Orange Park Pest Control. We can have a technician out to your property in no time!

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